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Offering quality education.

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About the college

Jubilee college is located at Kitui town along Kilungya street next to Bliss Medical centre ,70 metres from Naivas supermarket Jubilee college is founded and managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals from across the country;the team is dedicated to providing quality training as provided by the school constitution and also the ministry of education guidelines. The college aims at transforming Kenyans into reliable citizens in the job market


  • To provide quality education and training in order to produce reliable citizens in the job market.
  • vision

  • To be a college of excellence in training, research and innovation in Kenya.
  • our motto

  • To be the leading college in offering quality education.
  • our core values


  • Embracing diversity; welcoming new ideas and different beliefs in the college.
  • Integrity

  • Acting in an honest and trustworthy manner; accepting responsibility for our own actions.
  • Professionalism

  • Maintaining high standards of education and serving as faithful ambassadors for each.
  • Exellence

  • Advancing the quality of education; working collaboratively to achieve our individual and collectivepotential; respecting the educational process, the free exchange of ideas, and confidential information.
  • Our objectives

  • To Provide quality education
  • To promote creativity and innovation while promoting gender balance
  • To cooperate with the government of Kenya in making sure that the standards of education are maintained as per the ministry of education guidelines
  • To make sure that discipline is upheld by all.
  • To create an enabling environment for quality education.
  • To peacefully coexist with our neighbours.


courses offered


Why choose Jubilee college?

Transport facilities


Relevant curriculum

Quality staff


At jubilee college,We have invested alot in transport. With well mantained and modern college bus ,we make sure learner attend all academic trips


Due to growth and nurturing of talents, the college has playgrounds

Relevant curriculum

This is the core aim of a learner going to school.We have a good designed and toilored curriculum to make our learners fit in the society

Teaching staff

Our teaching staff is one of the best in the country.We have a pool of over 35 qualified tutors who make sure learners get the best